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Electric Heating Elements

Rayteq's high power density heating elements are unsurpassed for melting aluminum and magnesium! Our next generation Rayteq replacement heating elements feature improved life-enhancing materials technology. The dual-refractory system boosts power density and also increases operating life.

Our heating elements are fully compatible with Rayteq, Dynarad1, Striko Dynarad1 and Thermaltek 2 electric melting and holding furnaces with vertical panel elements. Nabertherm3 electric furnaces may be modified to accept Rayteq replacement heating elements. Contact Rayteq for details.

Important Features
  • All Rayteq heating elements now have three-year limited warranty!
  • Newly redesigned heating elements feature maximum power density
  • Highest aluminum and magnesium melting rates in the industry
  • New life-enhancing materials technology and unique tooling system virtually eliminates internal stresses to maximize strength and shock resistance
  • No compromises with dual-refractory system: (1) Rugged support panels made from highest strength refractory with best thermal properties, and (2) Heater coil embedding cement contains no harsh chemicals so element coil surface never subjected to corrosive chemical attack as with single-refractory elements. Result: Greatly extended operating life
  • Unique coil embedding process uses no paraffin or wax, eliminating harmful internal air gaps and hot spots that reduce element life
  • Actual operating life as much as two to ten times longer than similar appearing single-refractory elements
  • Improved material properties reduce internal temperature of embedded heater coils for extended operating life
  • Elements produced using highly automated equipment for higher quality, lower cost and reduced operator error
  • Stranded lead-to-coil welds have by far the largest cross-sectional area in the industry, virtually eliminating weld failures
  • Replacement elements now available in both 24" and 28" lengths and many wattages and voltages with high-nickel stranded leads
  • Popular sizes in stock, ready to ship!

Stranded High-Nickel Leads

Shipped in Sturdy Crates


Part Number Height Lead Type Watts Volts
A05-H02 24in (610 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 3,250 208
A05-H12 24in (610 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 3,125 240
A05-H22 24in (610 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 3,250 277
A05-H32 24in (610 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 3,750 277
A05-H42 24in (610 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 4,300 220
A05-J72 28in (710 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 3,800 220
A05-J12 28in (710 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 4,100 240
A05-J22 28in (710 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 4,000 277
A05-J32 28in (710 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 4,500 277
A05-J42 28in (710 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 5,250 220
A05-J52 28in (710 mm) Stranded High-Nickel 5,250 277

Dimensions: All elements are 6.5" (165 mm) wide X 1.125" (29 mm) thick. Other voltages and wattages are available. Please inquire about quantity discounts.

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